Posted On: December 5, 2011 by Finch McCranie, LLP

New Campaign to Reach Teens and Risks of Distraction-Related Car Accidents in Georgia, Nation

Last year, Governor Sonny Perdue signed a bill into law after a Morgan County teen died while texting behind the wheel. The law, Caleb's law, makes it illegal for all drivers to text behind the wheel to avoid distracted driving-related car accidents in Atlanta and elsewhere throughout the state. Distraction-related traffic accidents are an all too common occurrence on our roadways. As the holiday season approaches, we'll be seeing more traffic on our roadways and increased risks for an accident. Drivers are asked to be cautious and remain attentive when driving throughout the rest of the year and well through 2012.

“We need to do everything possible to focus young drivers on the road ahead,” said Governor Perdue regarding HB 23. “I want to thank Rep. Ramsey for working hard on this bill.”

Our Atlanta trucking accident lawyersunderstand that truckers are already forbidden from texting while driving under federal law. Still, distracted driving is a leading cause of tractor-trailer accidents in Georgia and elsewhere. Additionally, a good majority of teen car accidents are caused by young drivers who are using cell phones and text messaging devices behind the wheel. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the U.S. Department of Transportation recently launched its "OMG" public service announcement (PSA) campaign to raise awareness about these incidents. These dangers are exacerbated around large trucks during the busy holiday travel season. Parents are urged to discuss the importance of alert and focused driving habits with their teens as well as the risks they'll be facing through holiday traffic this year.

The "OMG" campaign will be aired at Regal Cinema theaters around the nation, at gas station pump-top screens that are owned by Outcast PumpTop TV and online through the month of December.

"Teen drivers are particularly vulnerable to distracted driving, which is why we are making an extra effort to ensure they understand the dangers," said Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

As we head into the holiday travel season, teen drivers will be heading out with the rest of us to visit friends and family members and on winter vacations. This PSA is being used to reach teens by using their popular texting lingo, including "LOL" and "L8R."

These PSA will be shown on nearly 6,600 movie screens at more than 525 theaters across the county in addition to roughly 12,000 television screens at gas pumps. They'll also be available on the website. The USDOT is using these mediums as it believes the message will reach the most number of teens this way.

It's no secret that teenagers want to remain connected with their buddies. Unfortunately, many teenagers keep the connection going while they're behind the wheel. This PSA is being used to illustrate the dangers, risks and consequences of texting behind the wheel.

As the holidays approach, parents are again urged to talk with their teen drivers about the dangers of texting a driving. Your conversation may be able to help save a life on our roadways. Have a safe and Happy Holiday!

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